People all over the country of India are struggling in this pandemic battle each day. With thousands losing their lives and hope every day, the year 2021 finally got the good news for all. The fight against coronavirus is reducible with the help of the Covaxin and Covishield vaccine. But with the constant struggle and situation, one question is rising in each individual’s mind. Are these vaccines effective in creating antibodies against the virus? Well, the statistics have the best answer to this.

A study says one in four people go through some symptoms after taking these vaccines. These side effects do not last for long but instead, prepare your body against the virus in that interval. So, people should take precautionary measures and prefer staying back home after taking a dose. Common symptoms one might experience after taking the shot are fever, fatigue, headache, and weakness. However, not every person might undergo them, but only a few according to their immune capacities. Plus, these side effects show up within 24 hours after taking the vaccine and last for a maximum of two days. Let us now estimate their efficiency as per records.

Effectiveness of Covaxin vaccine

It is India’s very first vaccine that came to the rescue against Covid-19. This vaccine has shown relatively impressive levels of antibody development in the trial. The company claims that this vaccine is 81% effective over the virus and prevents symptomatic Covid-19 from increasing further. It enables the virus from multiplying within the body and disables it from becoming severe.

After people took the second dose, it showed some impressive results in developing antibodies in the body. The trial studied over 380 people with various age groups to closely determine the effects. Plus, there was testing on people from across the country. Covaxin has been successful depending on the underlying factors. However, the companies do not guarantee more than 81% on the working of the vaccine.

Covaxin is suitable for anybody above the age of 12. After taking the vaccine, people might experience nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, chills, swelling in arms, and similar issues. However, do not worry much and consult your doctor to treat you accordingly. They are mild symptoms that disappear within a few days of treatment. Plus, this vaccine is less likely to allergic reactions.

Cost of Covaxin vaccine

The cost of Covaxin is INR 600 for the state government and INR 1200 per dose for private hospitals. However, both Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are available at only INR 150 per dose for the central government.

Effectiveness of Covishield vaccine

This vaccine enables a milder version of the chimpanzee common cold virus. Facts tell us that this virus is encoded instruction for producing novel proteins to strengthen the immune system and avoid infection. Covishield vaccine is a local version of the Covid-19 vaccine produced by the British-Swedish drug makers. It is a vaccine by the Serum Institute of India, Pune.

Two doses are preferable for preventing the formation of the virus. However, the doses need a gap of at least four weeks for the best results. The efficiency of the vaccine was 70% earlier. But now, it is 90% on giving an adequate dose. Covishield is 80% effective in preventing symptoms in older people after taking the first dose. The CEO of the Serum Institute promises that this vaccine works well over the virus and disables it with the correct dosage.

Covishield vaccine is available for any person above the age of 18. However, the vaccine does have side effects like nausea, fatigue, fever, joint pain, swelling, bruising, and muscle ache. But, they are mild in nature and treatable easily. Individuals with any history of allergies like skin rashes, swelling, and more consult your doctor or physician before taking a dose.

Cost of Covishield vaccine

Earlier the vaccine was available at INR 400 by the Serum Institute of India. However, considering the current COVID mortality rate and requirement of the Covishield vaccine, CEO Adar Poonawalla decided to slash the cost to INR 300 per dose and make it accessible to everyone. The vaccine is available at INR 600 per dose in private markets. 

Vaccination Procedures for Citizens

As we all know, from the 1st of May 2021, the vaccination for youth begun in many states. This criterion includes individuals from 18 to 44 years of age. An individual can register for their vaccination via the sites available. They will be eligible only for making payments to the covid vaccination centers. Prices and information will be available on the Cowin portal for the citizens of the country.

All healthcare workers, priority groups, frontline workers, and citizens above 45 will still get free vaccination. If you want a vaccination from a private covid center, you might have to pay higher costs. The government covid centers have cheaper rates in comparison. With the active vacation drives, the government aims to vaccinate each individual and ensure pausing the increasing cases of Covid-19 each day.


With rumors doing a roundabout, these vaccines are safe for use and dosage. People have incurred the virus after taking a dose due to several reasons. However, according to statistics and reports, we analyze that the efficiency of these vaccines is noticeable in individuals. Before you take the vaccines, ensure you consult your doctor to prevent adverse effects. Especially if you are pregnant or have an underlying issue, ensure to consult and take the correct dose.

Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are effective, and there is no such comparison of one being better than the other. They have gone through trials and are safe, as per the Drugs Controller General of India. In the current scenario getting a dose is essential for people to fight this infection. Plus, the government does not give individuals a choice to choose their vaccine. So, register on the website and get your registration and vaccination done at the nearest.