Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the growing concepts in the tech world. It is founded in 1955 and still in its nascent stage. It is the intelligence showcased by the machine and it is also referred to as machine intelligence. The basic idea behind AI is to replicate the thinking capability like humans by machines.

We know intelligence is one of the most important qualities displayed by human beings and other living creatures. The machine has become part and parcel of our daily lives. We cannot things about our surroundings without the use of computers and allied services. AI is part of that concept only. It is using its capabilities to demonstrate cognitive ability and showing the intelligence that can be used for the betterment of the organization and society as a whole. Let’s check below the types of Artificial Intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive machines

They are very basic in purely active in nature. They have the ability neither to form opinions nor use their memories. This type of AI works directly with nature and it is not based on any of the concepts of the world.

Limited memory

These types of AI can work based on past experiences. For example, self-driving cars can be an example of this type of AI where they use pre-programmed instructions.

Theory of mind

It is one of the types of Artificial Intelligence that is more advanced and concerns the understanding of the entities it interacts with. It essentially understands the several interactions like a human does.


It is the most advanced and developed AI that we have as of today. It is concerned with developing machines like the human brain. Because a human brain is self-aware and responds to the environment.

The development of these types of Artificial Intelligence is revolutionary and can make an impact on the larger strength.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Every development is compared and seen in the advantages that it brings. Let’s have a look at the various advantages of AI:

  • It may show an exceptional understanding if it is coded properly.
  • They can work in the areas and situations in which humans generally cannot. They can work in space seamlessly and can complete a dangerous task in an easy manner.
  • As machines are replacing humans in every area so they can replace resources in the repetitive and routine nature of works.
  • They can predict human moves and can be better prepared.
  • It helps in organizing and maintaining functions. It can also, help in detecting fraud and investigations effortlessly.
  • We know human decisions involve some amount of emotions that cost the organization. So AI can take the decision thinking logically and without emotions. So, we can see AI helps in several ways in many areas. They try to reduce the weak side of human intelligence and apply the cognitive ability to make informed decisions.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Every development has some costs and disadvantages associated with them and the same is listed below:

  • It requires lots of costs and if the development goes wrong then there would be a huge loss for the organization.
  • Some may even think that it is not ethical in nature as copying the God-gifted skill is not a good practice.
  • It takes a long time to develop and even study the human brain and how it works as it is the most complex thing in nature.
  • It can be used in negative activities like predicting someone’s action in advance.

So, every development is not free in nature. It takes cost and time to develop and there is no guarantee that the development will work in real-life situations.

There are several real-life instances where companies of the firms have developed it successfully.

IBM’s deep blue supercomputer was developed in 1990. It was a significant development in this area. It was a chess-playing supercomputer that defeated Garry Kasparov who was a famous international chess player.

Google’s alpha go is another example where the machines try to identify the moves and works accordingly.

AI Shoujo is a game about life simulation where you are stranded on a deserted island and based on your decision the gameplay interacts accordingly.

Self-driving cars or drivers fewer cars are another move in this direction. They recognize the speed and other essentials of driving and make driving easy.

We have seen AI is revolutionary in nature. It has demonstrated several aspects and helped the organization. It is still in the development stage and new advancements are coming day by day.

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