Augmented reality vs Virtual reality is the two important concepts in the Technology world. Although, both are very modern yet very important in making our lives easier.

Augmented reality is the interaction of technology with the environment. It is real-time use of text, graphics, sounds, etc to help improve the information. The technology interacts with the objects in the environment and simplifies real-world information.

Virtual reality is the use of computing devices to create a simulated world. It is with the help of technology we can create real-life situations and interacts virtually. The technology creates real-time objects as per the environment so that an individual can take the feel of the same while sitting at home. It is an interaction with an artificial three-dimensional environment and the user feels like a real-time experience. It creates an immersive artificial world with the help of computing devices.

Key Features of Augmented reality vs Virtual reality

It is virtual and real objects coming together to simplify the world so that things can be improved. When the technology interacts with real objects, it gives perceptual information. This information can be constructive or destructive. The information provided can be very useful if applied in a very successful way. It acts in a way that adds the elements from the environment into the digital devices and forms the content that is part of the environment that surrounds us.

AR can be helpful in a variety of ways. It can help us guiding the directions. It helps in imagining how a room will look like given the changes if made. So, it helps us to improve our lives.

VR is the amalgamation of two words virtual and real. The virtual means almost equal to whereas the real means the reality. The devices create the virtual world and the users feel the experiences of this virtual world by using or wearing gadgets such as headphones, goggles, etc.

VR is heavily used in the gaming industry where real-life time experiences are given to the audience. It does not allow us to come in front of something but it allows or inserts us in the situation of expected real-world situations. The use of VR in the gaming industry is most common. To realize the use of VR one must know the real world so that any differences between the real and virtual worlds can be made.

VR can be used in crime and fraud cases. The number of criminal cases and corporate fraud has increased. The investigating authorities often need to recreate the crime scenes. VR can be used to recreate the crime scenes and results can be extracted. Do more with what you see using AR and VR.

Augmented reality vs Virtual reality

  • In AR, there is the involvement of the real world whereas in VR the environment is virtual.
  • There is a simulated environment in virtual reality but not in augmented reality.
  • There are no artificial objects in AR but an immersive artificial object involved in VR.
  • Real-world elements get added in AR but not in VR.
  • AR adds the elements of the live environment onto the devices whereas VR uses artificial 3D stimulated conditions.
  • There is a huge difference in the experiences between the two. In VR we can play with lions but virtually. In AR, we can only experience it close by.
  • AR does not replace the real world but VR replaces the real world and provides out of box experiences.

Industry examples of Augmented reality vs Virtual reality


There is a huge involvement of VR in the gaming industry. For example 3D animation.


In this industry, these are the backbones. They use virtual reality in their classes such as in abacus classes. In several mathematics problems, virtual reality is used.

Home Decor

 The home design products use the concept of AR and VR. They help the clients visualizing the real final product before buying the services or products.


The use of AR in electronics such as cameras, google eyeglasses makes life easier.


This industry heavily uses AR and helps the customers interact with the product and provide amazing shopping experiences.


This industry uses various models to present the service to the customers. They use several transportation models so that a customer books their services.


This is one of the most novel use of these realities. There is a huge scope of these technologies in this industry. Doctors use it in detecting and preventing several diseases.


Both Augmented reality vs Virtual reality is going to become mainstream soon. These two realities have become part and parcel of our lives. Industry uses it extensively and becoming platforms for further developments. Things are already changing, and before we know it, we are going to be living in a world more virtual, than real.