How do you get a Data Science jobs? It is difficult to know enough statistics, understanding the machine and scripting to be able to get a job. I’ve noticed that quite a few people might have the qualifications needed to get a job but don’t have nice portfolio. However, getting a portfolio of public proof of your expertise in data science will do wonders for your career prospects. If you have a recommendation, it’s important to be able to show prospective employers what is your potential rather than simply tell them that you can do something. In addition, a portfolio is important to the value of learning since it will help you get clients.

People at times forget that data analysts and data scientists often submit their complaints to Google. If these same people are addressing their problems by reading your public service, they definitely reach out to you.

If you don’t have any work experience in the field of data science and you want to start career in this field. The best choice is to highlight about a data science initiative you’ve been working on. Do some research and give back the knowledge to the community such as Quora or in related forums.

Iterative portfolios

If you are looking for a good-paying career in Data Science do some practical technology ventures. It helps you to get them listed on GitHub. In addition to play in Kaggle, find something you enjoy and use your experience to do so.

When you publish any of your work online the job is not completed. Don’t be afraid to continue contributing to or updating your ideas after you posted. Data science jobs are plenty due to high demand in the market for research, to manage the data efficiently and make best use of it.

You will get most important results when you search for Data science jobs and you keep updating it. One should refresh the portfolio, as you learn about and develop yourself.

I applied to nearly 110 positions (for instance, maybe you’ve applied for a lot more), I only got 15–20 responses. Some were just like “Thank you for applying, but cannot move further”. I had given 7 interviews with them and I’ve learnt something great from each of the interviews. I have had a lot of rejection to deal with, something I wasn’t preparing for. But I liked the interview process since I learned a lot. Later. I read lot of articles and posts every day which helped me land a suitable job.

I would suggest to take note of all the questions you have asked about the interview, particularly those that you have missed to answer. You might fail once again, but you don’t fail at the same place. Meanwhile, you should be learning and developing.

Single Page resume

A data science portfolio must contain the focus point for your professional expertise. Your CV is an opportunity to address your credentials in a concise position. Improving your CV will enhance the odds of obtaining an interview.


Keep it easy and maximum one page. For a short skim this gives you the most effects. Recommend a simple one-column CV because skim is fast.


Prepare skill section in CV and score yourself on your abilities. You can also rule out evaluations. Make sure you listed all the technical skills mentioned in the job description.


Mention only listed novel ventures. Don’t mention common tasks. They aren’t informative enough to differentiate you from other candidates.


A portfolio must contain LinkedIn profile which is the most common. You can add profiles from Github and Kaggle which help to showcase your work.

For many years, getting a good resume was the main method for job applicants to showcase their talents to prospective employers. Importantly, a portfolio is an iterative operation, as your experience grows you should change your content over time.