Facebook Marketing is simply the best marketing platform for small businesses. And, it doesn’t matter in what industry you are in with 2.5 Billion users today.

What is Facebook Marketing?

It is a technique that offers a huge variety of targeted paid advertisements and organic posts. It allows brands or businesses to put their products and services in front of the massive audience. Over the last decade, Facebook has grown from the most used social media platform in the internet into one of the largest marketplaces.

How to use Facebook for marketing?

Facebook Page

Facebook allows users to create a business profile that’s different from the personal profile. Keeping a Facebook page for your business keeps your credibility in good standing, and gives you the freedom to promote your products or services.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups act like communities or forums where you join using your personal account consists of like-minded people that come together to discuss and share ideas around common interests. Mostly, admins of such groups have rules or policies to keep focus of an audience to interact on particular category or niche. You can promote your brand to larger audience in Facebook groups.

Facebook Ads

To create an ad campaign, advertiser needs to use Facebook ads manager. To set up an ad campaigns, advertiser needs to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the campaign objective – Advertiser can select a handful of campaign objectives that match their advertising goals. In order to drive traffic to a physical targeted location through these ads one needs to use “Local Awareness” as their campaign objective.
  • Provide ad campaign name – It may seems as a simple task, but it is very important to adopt naming conventions according to your brand for the campaign before starting with advertising so they can organize the campaign and scale it to create bigger impact.
  • Setting up targeted audience – The ads have variety of campaign to run for the target audience based on demographics. It is very important to limit or specify your reach to get better results or leads.
  • Setting up the ad placement – By default, it is placed automatic but one can change the placement according to their requirement.
  • Setup a campaign budget– It is an important thing in ad campaigns based on which it helps in telling where the ad campaign will appear in the news feed of the mobile or desktop users on Facebook.

Best practices for using Facebook for marketing

User can implement effective marketing solutions via Facebook without spending any cost, if you follow the below guidelines.

The Facebook algorithm determines what will appear on the user’s news feed in order to interact with your friends more and more often, with actions such as like, comment, heart to increase two-way interaction. If you do not interact within the community or your connections, chances of showing your post in news feed would be less.

You should join many groups related to your products or services to add values to the community by commenting or suggesting because each groups on Facebook has its own rules, and that’s why some people post to the group won’t be approved by admins since it is a more personal content than sharing value to the community.

Many people made mistake by posting more and forget about the quality content. For an example, there are so many posts by someone on your news feed and you will not be interested in reading the whole content. Remember the thumb rule of 80/20. It means in a day you shouldn’t post more than 5 items, including 4 shared articles that create value to the reader and one quality article which is the most resonate with your brand. Also, try to respond each of the comments or personal messages which can also convert into leads for your business.