If we have a system that stores more than our mind can do, then why use our brain to store. Since everything is computerized, it is easy to store and take relevant data from it and sprout it out. Thanks to the technology in inventing software that helps us in reminding us of many things in our daily life. Hadoop architecture has its own versatile excellence of laying plans and executing them for customer satisfaction. This article is a short insight into how Hadoop emerged as a valuable asset and turned tables with its global features.

What is Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is an open-source programming system used to support information preparing applications that are executed in a dispersed registering climate.

Applications constructed utilizing HADOOP are run on huge informational collections dispersed across groups of item PCs. Product PCs are modest and broadly accessible. These are principally valuable for accomplishing more prominent computational force for minimal price.

Components of Hadoop Architecture

This is a network system in computers that helps in storing a large amount of data that needs lots of space to fit in. Those may be difficult for a human to remember. Many branded companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Netflix, and many other organizations use this to store huge data. This system is being used globally, as it is easy and safe to use which makes the work easier and faster.

The Hadoop architecture has 4 components for its functioning:

1. Map Reduce

By the word itself, we know they are two different words. So, they work differently for Hadoop to work effectively. They help in processing a large amount of data. Mapping and reducing are the main factors for them to work. When large data is stored in the system, mapping helps in splitting them and mapping them accordingly. Like, separating each data and storing them in the system in different folders. Then reduce tasks here is shuffling the required data and reducing the capacity of the information. In Hadoop, they are run in various computing languages like Python, Java, C++, etc. The cloud computing features that we use are similar to those of Map Reducing programming. It is an important function for all programmers. 

2. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

The HDFS helps in storing a large amount of data and also easy to access. They are designed in such a way that they are used for low-cost hardware. Even if anything failure happens to the system or current, this HDFS helps in keeping it intact there itself so that we can take data from there itself without many tensions and do it all over again. Some of its main features include: very suitable for storing and processing data, they help in getting permissions of files and authentication, and much more. This component of Hadoop architecture is also helpful in finding the faults in the system and in recovering them. HDFS helps in managing the applications that have huge storage databases.

3. Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN)

They are the computer coding manager package. These codes can be used to communicate with other coders globally. They function on two basic factors- Job Scheduling and Resource Management. The former function in YARN in Hadoop architecture helps in separating the big tasks into small ones and dividing them that are assigned to various clusters of Hadoop, and where processing can be on a minimal basis. They have few basic features to run:

Multi-Tenancy– which is architecture in which a single software server serves as the main server that can be used by multiple people in an office or organization.

Scalability– This is the system where a large amount of work is being added by supplying available resources to the system.

Cluster Utility– This is a report that displays the memory of the CPU and the system memory. And finally is the compatibility.

4. Hadoop Common Utilities

It is the most essential element of Hadoop architecture. They are nothing but JAVA files that are needed in every component of Hadoop. They are used when the server got complaints or if the hardware has problems or anything so common in a system or hardware when used for a long period of hours. 

Importance of Hadoop architecture

We know that in this new generation era, we need everything to be fast and simple. Even though we have phones with large storage capacity, it is not safe to keep them all.  Let’s read more about why Hadoop is very important:

  • It helps in managing huge data. In this digital generation, where most of the work is digital and stored in computers. Hadoop plays an important role here to look after it even when faults happen to the system. Being digital, many works and notes are to be stored in the system, as they are meant to keep in a large amount of data to be used for work and daily life. Every reminder too stored in here. 
  • We lack professionals dealing with Hadoop. As now remote work is a big toll, many opportunities for the job are increasing in number to work at home. Hadoop vacancies are left off empty as people lack the required skills. The market is high in this field and the earning potential is high too, where most of them are unknown. This is the best time to show your talent and skill in mastering this technology before it is too late to jump into it. 
  • This is interesting to those from computer or IT fields, where they will have more knowledge about it. Hadoop applies not only to them but also to those from any field, can learn and master it well to become an expert. They can earn high from the beginning itself. 
  • It is easier to use. Hadoop also has flexibility in programs that can be done in other languages too, like 

Hadoop Architecture has become common which is needed in today’s world. It is mostly used in businesses or any large-scale industries where it is cost-effective and a solution to storage. It is needed in this era, for making work smooth, less tension and consuming less time to get the work done.