In this highly competitive world, getting noticed by the right people at the right time is all you need to stand out from others. Looking for a job, business leads, or connecting to professionals of your industry. A stunning LinkedIn profile on a professional networking site could be your greatest weapon to get Linkedin Jobs.

You may think that creating an eye-catching profile on LinkedIn may be a tedious task. In contrast, if it is done smartly by giving the proper amount of time you can absolutely nail this process. In this article, we are listing some points which you may follow in order to make a powerful and eye-catching profile on LinkedIn and be sure to attract much more attention than usual.

How to build the best LinkedIn profile to get Linkedin jobs

1. Create an Awesome Headline:

A great headline can make the ultimate difference. It enhances your profile and gives an edge over others. Mention a meaningful headline and don’t just fill this section with the name of your company and job title, instead make sure to list in your specialty and be precise about what makes you better and different from your competitors. If you want your profile to come at top of search results, try to use better keywords and be sure not to add excess content to your headline which can be annoying to other people.

2. Add a Professional-grade Photo

As we all know, the First impression is the last impression and your profile picture also acts as the first thing that anyone notices. Make sure to upload a clear, friendly, and most professional photograph of yours as a simple photo can convey your passion, energy and personality, and other specialties that are tough to write about. A recent study showed that 19% of viewers’ time is spent looking at the photo. While the photo doesn’t have to be High ended quality by professional photographers, it does have to look professional. Photos make a profile more likely to get contacted by recruiters.

3. Efficiently use of Summary section:

The LinkedIn profile must be short enough to skim, but long enough to be interesting. You don’t want someone would leave by seeing the length of your profile, but you also don’t want it so short that it missed out on the relevant facts. Try to make sure to include the right amount of detail of skill sets.

Your summary is your tool to make the visitor interested in you and give visitors a brief overview of your qualities and experiences. An ideal summary should be written in 3 to 4 paragraphs with the bulleted list in the middle if possible. Also, you must keep in mind the reader whom you want to target. Your summary makes your reader aware of your passion, important and unique skills, and out-of-the-box qualifications. Also, also the industries and positions you have had exposure to in the past.

4. Use of Multimedia:

A portfolio is a feature provided by LinkedIn which can incredibly make more and more visitors interested in your profile. Make proper use of this to showcase your creative skill by sharing presentations, videos, and links to your best works. It will definitely make your profile better over those having a plain one or nothing.

Patience is the key to success. So, don’t get reluctant in filling out every section of your profile. Make your visitor know about your skills, volunteer works, education, and success stories thus adding everything that you would want to tell others but doesn’t fit on your resume. LinkedIn also measures the completeness of your profile and offers you suggestions to improve it.

5. Mention Relevant work or projects history

You must have set your own career goals and also have an idea about the type of industry you want to get into or about your industry. While adding your work history you shouldn’t add all of your past works and jobs. Instead, be relevant and add only those works which you feel are connected to your recent goals.

How to make the best use of LinkedIn Jobs

Networking and Connect with Others

Don’t get afraid and hold yourself back to connect with other people in your industry or business. Whenever you find a potential lead make sure to send them a hello note and connect with them. Hence, it builds rapport and increases your network which is helpful to get noticed by many others. It also helps you in getting referrals via Linked Jobs posts as well.

Get Social by Joining Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other people in your profession. You show how engaged you are in your field and can become part of discussions in your field. Groups are always the best resource and can work wonders in your favor. For example, you get stuck with a problem, you can find people who must have faced the same difficulties and can connect with them asking for help.

Request for Recommendations

Recommendations can help you on a big scale of use correctly. Don’t hesitate, instead ask others, especially your leaders who compliment you on doing a great job, to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn. You may even mail or message your connections who have knowledge about your work and convey to them how beneficial it would be to have their recommendations. Recommendations work better than endorsed for skill set. However, you may add as many skills as you want but getting endorsements for them can double fold the chances of your profile getting selected by a recruiter.

LinkedIn Jobs Tips

  •  Follow the companies you aspire to work for. The minute they have an open position, your activity feed will reflect such an opening.
  • When you follow the companies page, you can also determine your first-degree and second-degree connections within the company. For all you know, someone from high school or university might be a recruiting manager at your dream company.
  • Share your writing like blogs or publications to showcase your skill sets.
  • Join groups and participate in group discussions related to your areas of expertise or interest.

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