Social media marketing is one of the evolving platforms where we can share our ideas and views for the betterment of society as a whole. It is the result of the growth of the internet. The Internet has given us so many things and social media is one of them.

It is the platform where people meet and exchange ideas involving all walks of life and businesses as well. Every aspect of society uses it for their benefit.

  •  A student uses it in their studies.
  • The homemaker uses it in their cookery classes.
  • The Government uses this platform to inform about its policies.
  • The business explores this in promoting their products and services.

So, every part of society makes use of the social media platform. The business also uses it in promoting its products and services. Hence, the concept of Social media marketing has evolved (SMM).

SMM is the marketing initiative taken by companies on the social media platform. Social media has seen an increase in firms telling about their upcoming products. It is the platform where a large number of people socialize and they discuss almost everything. Seeing these high traffic companies uses it in launching their services and promote the companies.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • A large audience can be reached out in just a time.
  • Almost every age group can be addressed.
  • The cost associated with it is comparatively less.
  • Companies can know the reaction almost instantly.
  • Any rectification can be done easily.
  • A prospective opinion can be known.

Therefore, promoting the product on social media is almost effective and efficient when compared with the traditional way of marketing. It helps in reducing marketing costs. So a company must do things which increase the traffic on social media about their products;

  • Firms need to promote their products on this platform.
  • There should be a commission if someone buys using the website.
  • The whole product mix should be available.
  • Deliveries can be made anywhere.
  • Companies need to provide festively and combos offer when promoting the products and services on the social media platform.

Social Media Platforms

There are many social media sites on which a company promotes its products or service. However, some of the most used and famous listed ones mentioned below:


LinkedIn is one of the sites where professionals interact day-to-day basis. Using this platform where any business environment related issue has been discussed. It is very effective in promoting office related products. This platform can be used the products which are desired by professional such as:

  • Business gadgets
  • Office-related products
  • Any software
  • Any business ideas etc.

This platform should be used cautiously as a large source of income can come because high-income earners use this platform.


Facebook is one of the most common sites where people interact. It is the platform where most of the individuals share their ideas. So, this site can be used in promoting all range of products such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Groceries
  • Electronics
  • Consumer durable etc.

It is such a platform where larger varieties of products can be promoted. Companies should use attractive titles to catch the attention of the audience.


Instagram is one of the growing sites where companies promote their products and services largely. This site is mainly used by early age individuals who are excited and energetic. The following business can be promoted on this:

  • Tour and travel services
  • Photography
  • Ethnic and Fashionable clothes
  • Event management firms
  • Wedding planning services etc.

It is a type of niche site where high-income individual interacts. So, any niche items can be produced through this site.


It is the platform used by celebrities such as film stars, sportsmen, etc, and politicians. Only those products can be promoted here which caters to the demand of these personalities. There should be high attention needs to be taken while promoting a product and service on this platform. The following products can be promoted:

  • Government tender
  • Any public relation services
  • Promotion of any sovereign events

So, this type of platform is mainly used by the celebrities and Government so products and services related to them can be promoted here.


It is the information providing sites where about everything can be asked from the expert. An individual can post the question and expects the same to be answered by the expert. Then related expert answers the posted question. It can be used for any type of product. The company needs to appoint several experts related to particular products and services who can answer the queries.

Thus, marketing on the social media platform has become an inevitable marketing activity for the company. The firms need to understand the importance of this platform and plan accordingly.